• How to Enjoy Winter Instead of Dreading It

    Fight Seasonal Depression & Make Progress on Your Dreams in Winter; Even if you hate the cold or struggle with seasonal depression, winter brings about so many things to celebrate and savor—you just have to be willing to look. We encourage women to indulge in the slowness and quiet of winter to...
  • Journaling To Cultivate Joy with Curiosity

    Imagine if you looked at the world through the eyes of a child; how many more questions would you have about why and how things are the way they are, rather than just accepting them and letting it leave your mind. When we become curious about our surroundings and the inner workings of the world around us, we increase our sense of presence in our own lives while also taking full advantage of everything life has to offer and feeling appreciation for the beauty all around us.

  • Hygge Hacks with The Hygge Gathering

    As winter approaches, we wanted to revisit hygge and share some great tips and hacks to add it into your lifestyle, and Kim is the perfect person to learn from! To learn more about her business and delve into all things hygge, we interviewed Kim to share the best information and discuss how mindfulness and hygge go hand-in-hand.

  • JMB Giving: How to Have a Mindful Holiday

    …I wanted to incorporate gratitude and mindfulness into gift-giving. I have compiled a sort of gift guide divided into three categories: Small Businesses, Sustainable Businesses, and Intangible Gifts.

  • How to Keep Smiling While COVID Rages On

    This week’s journal theme is about smiles. The mindful moment challenge is to become fascinated with smiles; in a time where finding a reason to smile can be challenging at times, I wanted to share my sources for smiling and weathering the long-lasting emotional wear from COVID.

  • My Journal, My Friend, My Guide to More Joy

    Okay, this may sound a little weird, but my journal is kind of like a best friend. It helps me start my day on a happy note, encouraging me with uplifting messages to be the best me I can be. It hangs out with me during the day, keeping me on track of what I need to do. And it brings a smile to my heart as I wind down and reflect back on the beauty, joy and small wins that occurred throughout the day. It reminds me of what I am working towards and gently admonishes me when I get off track. I share my secrets and in exchange, I am rewarded with insights. This is a post about my relationship with my JMB Living Journal and how we speak to each other, but it is my hope that you take away some ideas regardless of what planner or journal you use.

  • The Art of Letting Go to Create Space for What’s Next

    This post explains why this week is the perfect time for this letting go and shares insights on different techniques that can be used depending on whether you are letting go of negative thoughts/energies, beliefs, excess things around the house, projects or when necessary, people in your life.

    A process of intentional reflection can help you more clearly and more intentionally decide what is useful in your life and what would be better off discarded or left behind. Taking steps to create space in our physical, mental and emotional houses is so advantageous in helping to lay a firm foundation for new dreams and future projects. 

  • Roadblocks & Detours in Life

    When life throws you a roadblock, it is time to look for the detours. There is almost always more than one way to get from point A to Point B. The problem is we usually have our blinders on and are so accustomed to our typical road home that we never see the myriad of other options. And even if we ultimately decide our familiar road is the best choice, it is wise to make a conscious effort to be open to and looking for opportunities, options and alternatives. This blog post talks about a few reasons why this is a good idea and reflects on a few personal stories that support this prerogative.


  • The Simple Joys of Rosemary

    I fell madly in love with rosemary years ago. It wasn’t love at first sight and I don’t even remember how she started capturing my heart, but there are so many simple ways of using rosemary that bring me such joy today. This fragrant fair maiden is native to the Mediterranean and is a member of the mint family. In this post I’ll share how to reciprocate love for this herb so you can cultivate a year long relationship and I’ll suggest some of my favorite ways to enjoy both inside and outside the home.

  • Tips for Grounding and Creating Moments of Joy in Uncertain Times

    Grounding activities get you out of the chatter in your head and back into the comfort of your body.  Grounding is a frequent term used in the yoga community, but you don’t have to practice yoga to feel grounded.  There are a multitude of ways to reestablish your connection with the earth, with something bigger, to sink fully back into your body and to allow yourself a few moments to simply savor the joy of being...

  • An Uncomplicated Life

    Ah Corsica, dare I speak of you for fear the secret spread and taint your unspoiled beauty? What is it about you that lures me back time and again?

  • Mindfulness goes Mainstream

    This is an enlightening read written by David Gelles. I had no idea that the practice of Mindfulness is quietly becoming mainstream and that many corporations have developed mindfulness programs for their employees…