What You Need to Know to Stop Giving Up on Journaling

Jan 29, 2023 Julie Barlow

There are ways to create sustainable journaling habits with no pressure or high expectations. Now is the time to begin to create a routine that works for you where journaling becomes a habit, so you can set yourself up for success in the new year. 

How to Enjoy Winter Instead of Dreading It

Jan 15, 2023 Julie Barlow

Fight Seasonal Depression & Make Progress on Your Dreams in Winter; Even if you hate the cold or struggle with seasonal depression, winter brings about so many things to celebrate and savor—you just have to be willing to look. We encourage women to indulge in the slowness and quiet of winter to...

5 Proven Ways to Create Progress on Your Dream Journey

Jan 01, 2023 Julie Barlow

The new year is a time when everyone is working to achieve their resolutions, beginning their year with pressure and jumping back into the hustle of everyday life. However, I say, throw your resolutions out the window. I'm not the only one who thinks this way—wealthy, successful people have used mindfulness tools to achieve their dreams, and the beginning of the year is a great time to educate yourself and try a new strategy as you shift away from grind culture and resolutions.

How to Make the Most of the Holidays with Intention

Dec 18, 2022 Julie Barlow

Have your holidays lost their meaning to the pressure of balancing finances with buying the right gifts, getting your work done before the end of the year and attending/planning events? The end of the year can often be the busiest time of year, so how can we really savor what should be a meaningful time with those we love without failing to fulfill our obligations? The answer is simple: you don’t have to do it all.

Are Your Negative Thoughts Ruining Your Life?

Dec 04, 2022 Julie Barlow

I dare you to spend one day counting how many times you have a negative thought about yourself. Think it might be a lot? It might seem difficult to know where to start to create a mindset shift away from negative perceptions of ourselves, but it is possible by taking steps.

Upholding Boundaries in Difficult Situations

Nov 20, 2022 Julie Barlow

Journal Prompts and Suggestions for Creating & Maintaining Boundaries How often do you find yourself saying yes when instead you should have said no? Defining personal boundaries can be a trial and error process, but we can also be proactive about creating our boundaries. But, how do we uphold them once we know what they are?

A New Journey for the JMB Living Journal

Nov 06, 2022 Julie Barlow

Over these last two years, I have listened to and taken note of all the reviews, feedback, criticisms, and real-life experiences of JMB Living Journal users to ensure that I can provide the best version of this guide as possible. And now, because of your commitment to helping JMB Living succeed with the candidness, support and love of our community, I have taken one step closer to that with a new edition of the JMB Living Journal premiering with the Winter 2023 issue.

5 Ways to Overcome Internal Resistance and Fight Procrastination

Oct 23, 2022 Julie Barlow

Have you ever felt like there’s a cinder block sitting on your chest, preventing you from getting up and accomplishing what you need to? While it may not be practical to stop procrastinating altogether, there are ways to balance being productive until you’re ready to complete something to the best of your ability.  

How to Make a Vision Board that Makes Your Dreams a Reality

Oct 09, 2022 Julie Barlow

When did we lose our ability to dream so big? Nurturing your dreams and creating your ideal life doesn’t always mean abandoning your present, but, perhaps, somewhere in the in-between to elevating the fulfillment and joy you feel every day. With my vision boarding over the years, I have brought love, money and travel

Increasing Presence with Gratitude

Sep 25, 2022 Julie Barlow

It might sound simple, but how do you actually adjust your lifestyle to actively slow down and increase presence? It’s actually more simple and achievable than you think: all you need is intention and a gratitude mindset.

Making Space for Progress with Mindful Decluttering

Sep 11, 2022 Julie Barlow

Why should spring be the only time we refresh our mindset and reorganize our space? Decluttering creates a fresh beginning to work from and invites new things and opportunities into life. How can we continuously be creating and adapting our space to reflect where we are on the journey to our dreams?

How To Use Intentional Journaling To Change Your Life

Aug 28, 2022 Julie Barlow

When was the last time you prioritized yourself? Do you know what your dreams are, or are you so stuck in routine that you’ve stopped trying to achieve anything beyond what you have? Five minutes, every day, to feel more joy and fulfillment while connecting with other women on their own Journal Journeys. That’s what the JMB Living Journal and intentional journaling can do for you.

How To Harness Anger for Healing

Aug 14, 2022 Julie Barlow

Do you control your anger, or does it control you? Without making an intention to explore your relationship with anger, it’s easy to assume that anger is just an emotion that is automatically triggered by external factors. Anger is a secondary emotion. Do you know how to recognize what's at the root of your anger?  

Journaling To Cultivate Joy with Curiosity

Jul 31, 2022 Julie Barlow

Imagine if you looked at the world through the eyes of a child; how many more questions would you have about why and how things are the way they are, rather than just accepting them and letting it leave your mind. When we become curious about our surroundings and the inner workings of the world around us, we increase our sense of presence in our own lives while also taking full advantage of everything life has to offer and feeling appreciation for the beauty all around us.

50 Ways to Stay Mindful in Summer

Jul 17, 2022 Julie Barlow

Practicing mindfulness during summer can help you truly savor everything the season allows you to do, while also preventing the time from flying by. Making an intention to be more present or practice mindfulness each day will enhance your memories of summer while also increasing the joy you feel in the moment.  Choosing one (or more) things from this list to practice each day/week will help you have the best summer yet without losing traction on your personal growth journey!

5 Steps to True Forgiveness

Jul 04, 2022 Julie Barlow

So how can we make the most out of forgiveness? How do you reconcile feelings of hurt—and even resentment—to create healing and growth?  A good way to start is to truly understand forgiveness and define your relationship with it.

How to Use Reflection as a Growth Tool

Jun 19, 2022 Julie Barlow

When we have lives that are evolving in a busy world, constantly presenting challenges, it can be difficult to feel centered and find time to focus on yourself and YOUR dreams. This is when reflection becomes most valuable, even if it can be difficult to find time for.

Mastering Time Management and Productivity with Mindfulness

Jun 06, 2022 Julie Barlow

Have you ever tried to combine work with mindfulness? It wasn’t until I didn’t have an enforced schedule that I realized how much my time management and productivity is controlled by me, rather than a manager or workplace. Making an intention to be productive every day and following through with it actually provides much more ease each day, and not just in work.

Molding Your Brain with Mindfulness

May 22, 2022 Julie Barlow

While many of us know about mindfulness practices and how to use them as tools in our daily lives, it’s easy to add it to our lifestyle without knowing how and why these tools make an impact in our mindsets and physicality. Repetition and the mind-body connection are at the core of many mindfulness practices, especially in meditation, journaling, habit-making, routines and affirmations. Science and mindfulness converge in neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to physically shift and adjust after learning new information.

Toxic Positivity and What To Do Instead

May 08, 2022 Julie Barlow

Toxic positivity is real and sometimes it can be hard to know what to do instead. The first step is to recognize when you are feeling its weight in your own life. In a society that currently values toxic positivity and “grind culture”, it’s important to be able to navigate difficult times and emotional fluctuations that seemingly have no source. It’s normal to be sad randomly! 

How Routines Create Consistency in an Inconsistent Life

Apr 24, 2022 Julie Barlow

So how do we find stability in an ever-changing world? What can we depend on when we can’t ever predict what might happen next? We learn to rely on ourselves. It’s important to intentionally craft a routine for yourself. Choose to see it as an investment into your holistic well-being.

Creating a Roadmap to Your Dreams

Apr 10, 2022 Julie Barlow

Do you have a path that leads to your dreams? If you have a dream, but have never taken the time to design yourself a roadmap on how to achieve it, the journey to reaching for it may be very much like a maze—if you even begin the journal at all. On the other hand, if you create a plan and keep putting one foot in front of the other, taking steps along the roadmap you created, you will make steady progress toward making your dream a reality.

My Aura-Soma Journey at Guided Place

Mar 27, 2022 Julie Barlow

Aura-Soma uses your own internal intuition in combination with your unconscious to identify areas of need and direction to bring you closer to embodying your purpose and ideal life.

Effectively Journaling for Mental Health

Mar 13, 2022 Julie Barlow

Prompted journaling for mental health is beneficial because it allows you to deeply work through specific pain points or recognize patterns, triggers, or stressors. This increased self awareness can help you remember to...

How To Optimize Sleep During Seasonal Shifts

Feb 28, 2022 Julie Barlow

As winter wanes and each day grows longer with more light, our natural circadian rhythm is impacted, so it's helpful to begin preparing for this shift. Spring is a wonderful season that brings about feelings of opportunity, energy, and blossoming—a stark contrast to the stillness and slowness of winter. That's why intentionally transitioning from winter to spring can...

Everyday Ways to Love Yourself Fully

Feb 14, 2022 Julie Barlow

What first comes to mind when you realize Valentine's Day is approaching? Is it a rush of urgency to get a loved one a gift or plan a special day? Do you start to reminisce on loving memories? How long does it take for you to think about ways you can love yourself?

How to Actually Make and Break Habits

Jan 30, 2022 Julie Barlow

Our habits reflect our core values, especially as we become more mindful of the habits we want to make and what our desired outcome is. If you've failed making a habit before, here's exactly how to set yourself up for success when you make a new habit:

How to Achieve Your Deepest Self Desires

Jan 17, 2022 Julie Barlow

Are you doing what your deepest self desires? Or are you just going through the motions in life right now? Paying the bills, feeding the family, getting through the workday…

How to Master Loving Yourself Fully & Fiercely

Jan 02, 2022 Julie Barlow

I connected recently with artist Peyton Turner and when I told her that I’d love to feature her art in a future journal issue, she offered to do an intuitive painting with a message for JMB Living. Of course I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see how this would unfold. The following is a guest blog by Peyton about her experience creating the piece and its meaning.

Hygge Hacks with The Hygge Gathering

Dec 19, 2021 Julie Barlow

As winter approaches, we wanted to revisit hygge and share some great tips and hacks to add it into your lifestyle, and Kim is the perfect person to learn from! To learn more about her business and delve into all things hygge, we interviewed Kim to share the best information and discuss how mindfulness and hygge go hand-in-hand.

JMB Giving: How to Have a Mindful Holiday

Dec 05, 2021 Julie Barlow

…I wanted to incorporate gratitude and mindfulness into gift-giving. I have compiled a sort of gift guide divided into three categories: Small Businesses, Sustainable Businesses, and Intangible Gifts.

How to Manage Anxiety & Stress with Mindfulness

Dec 05, 2021 Julie Barlow

As we move through the holiday season and approach a period of time where many people suffer from seasonal depression, I wanted to address mindfully managing mental health.

Being Fluent in Love Languages

Nov 22, 2021 Julie Barlow

Knowing and understanding your own love language and those of the people you give gifts to can make your gifts more impactful and meaningful; utilizing love languages more deeply conveys your care for others and can help you effectively celebrate the holidays!

Sales & Sustainability: How to be a Mindful Consumer

Nov 22, 2021 Julie Barlow

Even though some of us might have many gifts to purchase, there are still tips to ensure that we are slowing down and being intentional about our purchases and maintaining balance and self-control.

Re-framing Gratitude

Nov 07, 2021 Julie Barlow

Being grateful is a key pillar to living a joyful, mindful, and balanced life, but what is it really, what does it entail, and what are the benefits?

Saying Hello to your Inner Critic

Oct 24, 2021 Julie Barlow

We’ve all got one. That voice inside your head that is quick to cut you down and put you in your place. Sometimes it’s for good reason; to keep you safe and from attempting things that truly are beyond your capacity to do. But most of the time, it’s simply a habit of letting your mind run wild and free with any negative thoughts that pop into your head. It’s time to take control of this inner dialog by getting up close and personal and saying hello to your inner critic.

Need Help on Your JMB Living Journal Journey?

Oct 10, 2021 Julie Barlow

I intentionally created the JMB Living Journal with an abundance of prompts to increase the structure and also freedom you have in using your journal—as in, you can fill in as many (or as few) prompts as you want each day! I love the metaphor of your journal use as a Journal Journey because everyone that purchases a journal becomes part of a community where we are all traveling different paths on the same journey to a more mindful life.

Shattering Limiting Beliefs

Sep 26, 2021 Julie Barlow

One of the biggest obstacles we have toward reaching our dreams is limiting beliefs. We’ve all got them. Some are up front and center in our minds and others hide away in the deep recesses. Both are challenging to tackle, but if we take the time to face them head on, we can limit their impact and even get rid of them for good. This blog post offers some tactics for exploring and updating your belief system.

7 Benefits of Mindfulness

Sep 13, 2021 Julie Barlow

Mindfulness is the practice of going through life with a perspective of higher self-awareness. At its most basic, mindfulness is a daily tool. At its most complex, mindfulness reaches into every aspect of our lives to increase synergy and alignment. 

20 Seasonal Activities to Delight Your Inner Child

Aug 29, 2021 Julie Barlow

This year, as we savor the last bits of summer freedom and activity and welcome the changes fall brings, we can let our inner child drive our seasonal shift! Here are some fun ideas to keep the child in you alive:

Prolonged Grief During COVID

Aug 15, 2021 Julie Barlow

None of us are immune to the amount of loss and change we’ve seen in the last couple of years. Lives, jobs, friendships, and many aspects of our lives as we know it have disappeared, possibly forever. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think all the changes have been bad. Some relationships are closer, many have taken time to truly understand what is important to them and are taking steps to bring more joy into their daily lives. But this blog post isn’t about that. It’s about handling loss in this unprecedented time. I share my story of loss and some suggestions on coping for those that may be struggling with this now.

Living your Bucket List

Aug 01, 2021 Julie Barlow

I created The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Dream Bucket List based on a mindset shift from dying without regrets, to living without regrets. This is a step-by-step comprehensive guide that allows you to explore the most fulfilling desires you have and how to accomplish them.

Chocolate for Mind, Body, and Soul

Jul 18, 2021 Julie Barlow

Chocolate is delicious, but it also has a rich and diverse variety of meanings and benefits. Join me as I reminisce about a perfect cup of hot cocoa in Peru, explore the differences between cocoa, cacao and ceremonial cacao, share a healthy dessert recipe and contemplate how to mindfully consume this wonderful substance.

How to Live Holistically in Kindness

Jul 04, 2021 Julie Barlow

My mentality when it comes to kindness is simply, “why not?” There are never negative consequences to being kind, and it is a pillar of joy and contentment. This is why each week of every JMB Living Journal begins with a “Kindness Karma”, a suggestion about how to live outside of yourself and take one opportunity a week to serve someone else, expecting nothing in return.

How to Have a Fresh Start with the Summer Solstice

Jun 20, 2021 Julie Barlow

Now is the perfect time to refresh our dreams and goals for the year and evaluate how we can achieve them before the year ends! Here are some tips to have a fresh start with the summer solstice:

Habit Tracker Hacks

Jun 06, 2021 Julie Barlow

After a few months of using a habit tracker, I realized that while they are extremely helpful in making progress toward making and breaking a habit, there are a few things you can do to help set yourself up for success in the process. While some of this I’ve discovered through trial and error, research seems to back up many of my conclusions. Herein are five hacks for making the best use of your habit tracker, followed by a couple of unique ways I’m using mine.

Tips for Tackling Life Challenges

May 23, 2021 Julie Barlow

Part of the experience of being human is working our way through the challenges that we either consciously decide to take on or that are thrown in our path along the way. Sometimes we fall flat on our faces or seemingly fail miserably in the process. Yet what is more important is how we pick ourselves back up to continue to rise to the challenge and tackle it head-on.

Journaling Outside the Lines

May 09, 2021 Julie Barlow

I was immediately attached to the idea of the JMB Living Journal being like an adult coloring book: the lines and bigger picture are provided, and you fill it with your own personal flair and perspective to express yourself.

How to Give a Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

Apr 25, 2021 Julie Barlow

What do we give the most giving women in our lives? While I can’t tell you the perfect gift for your mother, I have some tips to help guide your search:

How Journaling Can Change Your Life

Apr 11, 2021 Julie Barlow

Holistic journaling and applying intent to our narratives allows us to have more internal control on external factors, while bringing us closer to achieving what we both want and need most by allowing our inner strength and mindfulness to engage with our daily lives.