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Daily Page Prompts

Recognizing AbundanceThe concept of recognizing the abundance in your life is similar to acknowledging what you are grateful for. It is the practice of acknowledging all the ways you have more than you need. Practiced consistently over time, this will lead to positive attributes such as a pleasant, confident attitude, generosity, an openness for new opportunities and the ability to see challenges from multiple perspectives. You may feel more secure, more empowered and in general will lead a happier, more fulfilling life when living it from an abundant viewpoint.

Affirmations:  An affirmation is a positive statement used to create a reality you wish to experience. They are phrases used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts and are like a roadmap for the brain to think positively. If affirmations are new to you or you’d like a suggestion on how to move past any objections that arise in your mind, download The Secret to Creating Affirmations That Work Course.

My Commitment to Self-Care:  Self-care can take many forms. This could be as simple as taking a walk, choosing to drink plenty of water, letting someone else do something they are capable of, saying no despite the negative feedback, or picking a bouquet of flowers from your garden. Self care shouldn’t be viewed as an indulgence, but rather as understanding and respecting your priorities and, in the process, intuitively caring for mind, body and soul.

Quick Tip for the Wins, Beauty & Joy Prompts:  If you are unlikely to use your journal at the end of the day, ask yourself these questions while you drift off to sleep and fill them in the next morning. By doing so, you’ll more easily fall asleep to sweet dreams. Also, please know that it is not a "bad" thing if you find at the end of the day you struggle to remember moments to jot down for these prompts. These prompts are designed to remind your brain daily to watch for these occurrences in your day, so that when they do happen you'll begin to notice them more frequently and then begin to catch yourself in the moment so that you can slow down and soak it in.

Page 103 of the Spring 2022 JMB Living Journal

Sometimes we allow our lives to become too full without even realizing it. When this happens, we can become so overwhelmed that it feels like everything is important and saying no isn’t an option.

It’s times like these that it is crucial to take a step back and reevaluate everything that you spend time doing. Try looking at each area of your life separately as if you were putting it under a microscope looking for clues for how you can restructure and do things differently. Start with the big picture such as “work” and then break that down into further components to analyze.

Plot this out on paper with plenty of space to let ideas flow. Look closely at what takes your time, how much value it provides, if it even needs to be done and if someone else could do it.

How to simplify your life

Here is the blank version for you to download and work on your own.
Click the image to download the worksheet from Pinterest or save it to your own Pinterest board to revisit at key points in your life as your responsibilities shift!

Simplify My Life Worksheet

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Toxic Positivity and What To Do Instead

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Toxic positivity is real and sometimes it can be hard to know what to do instead. The first step is to recognize when you are feeling its weight in your own life. In a society that currently values toxic positivity and “grind culture”, it’s important to be able to navigate difficult times and emotional fluctuations that seemingly have no source. It’s normal to be sad randomly!