Our Mission

JMB Living is run by an all-female team that seeks to uplift and empower the voices and experiences of all women. We are dedicated to using our platform to support, educate, ally, and love our community as we continue on our own journey of growth.

Joy, mindfulness, and balance is for everyone, and every day we make an effort to make this known and accessible.

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We understand that for many women, especially those struggling to make ends meet, finding time for self-care can be a real challenge. JMB Living is on a mission to uplift and empower all women to find more joy and balance by integrating mindfulness into their busy lives.

 In support of JMB Living’s mission to make mindfulness more easily accessible to all, we donated over 25% of the journals that have made it into the hands of women. We provide journals to women’s organizations and shelters-including Dress for Success and a chronic pain support group- as well as sent journals to individual women struggling with loss of jobs due to COVID, cancer, lost loved ones and more.

About Our Founder

The turning point came when I realized I had the power to change my thoughts, beliefs and view of my world… I started finding happiness on a daily basis.

Hi there! I’m Julie. I’m happiest exploring new places, sipping a glass of wine while I’m playing in the kitchen and being outdoors- peddling my bike, paddling my kayak or feet hitting the trail with a pack on my back. While I’m striving to limit worldly possessions, I believe you can't have too many flowers or candles in and around the home. I can be open-minded and stubborn as a rock. I've climbed the corporate ladder, cliffs in Corsica and out of a mountain of debt. I've lead International wellness retreats, taught yoga and coached others to create the life they desire. And I'm so excited to now be the founder of JMB Living- a place to share the insights of amazing women like you and to offer ideas and inspiration to help you strengthen your health, live simply while feeling luxurious and create your ideal life through joyful, mindful, balanced living.

My life wasn't always sunshine and roses. Years ago I was broke, beaten down, sad and lonely. Disheartened to learn that love alone can't cure drug addictions, I packed up my two sweet toddlers, left the mess of my world and was determined to create a better life for the three of us. It didn't come easy. I lived from paycheck to paycheck for years- working hard, going back to school and living with my parents to make ends meet. I was barely getting by. My cars were constantly losing transmissions or engines. I was exhausted and was getting nowhere fast.

The turning point came when I realized I had the power to change my thoughts, beliefs and my view of the world. After reading countless books, actively practicing gratitude and taking personal consciousness workshops to accelerate all I was absorbing, things began to shift. My income doubled in a short amount of time and I started finding happiness on a daily basis. Not so many years later my income had grown to six figures, I was traveling and exploring the world with my family and finally enjoying living.

Life still threw curveballs along the way - it took three tries at marriage to find the love of my life. I got a bug that royally screwed up my digestive system for a year and caused me to entirely change my diet and relationship with food. Then there was a year with three close calls with death and recovery from trauma. But having the tools to handle these blows, I suffered with grace and came back feeling even more blessed. Today I find joy in the ordinary: a weekly bike ride to the farmers market, the smell of beeswax candles and the crunch of my homemade coconut granola. Life has become a beautiful memory. Let's find a smile in something simple together today. Let me share this journey with you. Welcome to JMB Living. We are so glad you are here!

Image of Founder Julie Barlow
Julie Barlow founder
Yoga Coach and Mindfulness Journal Founder

Education and Experience:

  • Founder and creator of JMB Living
  • Co-founder of Travel to Transform International
  • International Journaling Course Instructor for University of          Cincinnati Continuing Education Program
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Attended Dave Emerson's Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop
  • Various Other Yoga Training Workshops
  • Multiple Personal Consciousness Training Courses
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science
  • Over 20 years Personal Coaching
  • Speaker and Workshop Leader

Live More Intentionally

The JMB Living Journal is here to help you live your ideal life, in a more joyful, mindful, and balance way.


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