Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription
Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription

Subscriber Perks:
Save 15% on each issue

First Shipment Priority each quarter

Automatic renewal—just subscribe and let your journals come on time each quarter!

As a subscriber, you also get to enjoy a free membership to Flourishing, JMB Living's journaling add-on guide! Flourishing is a collection of additional weekly content that includes a variety of content, prompts, exercises and more to help you further engage and immerse yourself within each week's theme in your journal.

Seasonal Guided Journal Subscription


It’s not just a journal. It’s a planner. It’s a source for inspiration. It’s a life coach in written form. Our signature quarterly journal is a tool for you to reconnect with yourself, the seasons, and the beauty in your everyday life. We firmly believe that mindfulness is for everyone, so we’ve created a flexible journal that will meet you where you are (and help you build the life of your dreams).

Quarterly Subscription of the undated, Seasonal Guided JMB Living Journal. Save 15% on each issue with a subscription for automatic quarterly renewal and unlock access to Flourishing free of charge.


Save 20% with Annual Set
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Available with our Community Covers—highlighting a different content contributor from the JMB Living Journal Community each issue—or our Seasonal Set with a beautiful scene reflecting the season. 

A flexible 3-month guided journal that encourages you to focus on your intentions, engage with the present moment, and carve out time for yourself each day.

This is your space to plan, decompress, unload, reflect, grow, and dream.

8 x 10 inches

Paper & Cover
160 pages, high-quality 80lb uncoated text paper
Soft-touch laminate cardstock cover that repels spills & holds up to daily carry
Wire-bound, so that it lays fully flat

We ♥ a little something extra
Expect a surprise with each journal—bookmarks, pens, stickers.

Building habits, together
Each week, we’ll text or email you to help you stay on track.



Experience newfound inspiration and curiosity each week as you engage with a new Mindful Moment Challenge—a different theme for every week in all four seasonal undated journals.

These weekly themes challenge you to adopt a new perspective for that week in the ways that you engage with the world, approach your responsibilities and find wonder in that season of life and nature.

At the beginning of each week, you'll also find space to set your intentions and choose an affirmation supportive for your intentions and plans for that week.

“I’ve been using planners, gratitude journals, vision boards, and various other tools
to help live an organized and fulfilled life for the better part of a decade
with varying levels of commitment and enjoyment.

Until the JMB Living Journal, I had never found the perfect solution to
help seamlessly blend all of these helpful resources into one beautiful package.”
-Justyne M.


All JMB Living Journals include a midweek feature & a weekend two-page spread relevant to that week's theme dedicated to sharing growth, healing, self-love and intentional living perspectives from therapists, coaches, holistic wellness practitioners and more, as well as additional journaling exercises written by Julie. 

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Suggestions for Your Journal Journey

At the beginning of each season, pause to reflect on where you are now and where you want to be. You’ll find guided exercises on dream scripting and making mindset shifts, as well as space for creating a vision board.
There’s also a wellness tracker to help you nurture daily habits (like journaling!)

Who is the JMB Living Journal For?


Whether you’re chasing toddlers around the playground, balancing school and travel soccer, or contemplating an empty nest, our journals will help you cultivate a sense of calm and reconnect with your inner self so that you can pour from a full cup.


You are not only your job. Nurture a sense of balance in your life, plan your days, and tap into your deeper purpose, while learning new techniques for stress management.


It’s easy to lose sight of your bigger dreams and goals when you’re dealing with a packed schedule and a never-ending to-do list. A few minutes of time for yourself each day will inspire you to keep going and develop better habits.


Work is the scaffolding of our adult lives. When you retire, journaling is a great tool to help you develop new habits and routines, explore your purpose, and continue to grow in this season of your life.

What's Different About JMB Living

Habit building

Keeping up with a journal isn’t a natural talent some people have—it’s a habit you create over time. We’ve read everything out there on habit building, then infused our knowledge into these journals so you have the tools to make the most of your journal journey.

A focus on the seasons

Staying attuned to nature and the rhythm of the seasons adds a powerful dimension to your mindfulness practice. Our journaling prompts and suggested activities are written with the present season in mind.

Magazine-style content

Tucked among your journal pages, you’ll find profiles of folks we admire, advice from therapists and wellness experts in our community, articles on rituals for well-being, poetry, artwork, and DIY projects.

Contemplation > Productivity

While we do encourage you to develop habits, routines, and rituals that nourish your inner spirit, we’re firm believers in the importance of being, not just doing for doing’s sake.


That’s why we donate journals each season to organizations such as Dress for Success, EsteemU and a local teen mental health program, as well as individuals coping with illness, loss, unemployment, and other personal challenges. Your purchase helps us continue providing self-care resources to people in need.


Is each season the same?
Not at all—while the structure of the daily journaling pages stays the same, each quarter’s journal is filled with content, prompts, and exercises which have been curated by our team to reflect the season we’re in.
We currently only have one annual set of seasonal undated guided journals, so they were intentionally crafted to be used from year-to-year with new insights and valuable reminders.

Is this a planner or a journal?
It’s a little bit of both! The daily pages include free space to journal, set goals, or even jot down your to-do list for the day. We also include monthly calendar pages where you can set an intention and map out what’s happening in your life that month.

Do you ship internationally?
Shipping is free for orders over $10. Right now, we are only shipping to the US and Canada, but we look forward to growing and eventually shipping internationally! For international customers, we recommend our digital journals!

What’s your refund policy?
It’s simple—we want you to be thrilled with your journal.
If you’re not completely delighted when it arrives, all we ask is that you email us within 30 days of purchase. We’ll issue a full refund.

How does the subscription work?When you purchase a subscription, you’ll be charged for each quarterly issue of the journal every three months. When the duration of your initial subscription ends, it will automatically renew. If you want to cancel or modify your subscription, you can do so at any time using the links in your order confirmation email.

Because each journal is undated, you will be charged exactly three months after your first subscription purchase, and your journal will be shipped after your payment is confirmed. You are also able to access and edit your subscription renewal dates, which issue you receive, payment and shipping information and more in the Recharge subscription portal. 

What if I don't want to subscribe? 
You don't have to! We emphasize creating your own Journal Journey based on your lifestyle. That's why our journals are undated: so that anyone can have access to guilt-free journaling that makes an impact.
We also offer annual sets at a discount equal to our subscription price, and we also have individual issues available for one-time purchase.


Find peace within by living in harmony with the seasons.

JMB Living

A place to share knowledge from wellness experts and the insights of amazing women like you. Your daily go to for ideas and inspiration to help you strengthen your health, live simply while feeling luxurious, and create your ideal life through joyful, mindful, balanced living.

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