Ending the Year with Reflection

25 End of Year Journal Prompts to Help You Find Momentum Next Year

I was flipping back through some old journals and was surprised to find how many years I was working on the same goals–not so much work goals, but what I wanted out of life goals–relationships, fitness, etc. 

It made me stop and wonder, what changed eventually to finally make these things happen.

What I realized was that while I was writing goals down in my journal and I knew what I wanted, I spent very little time reflecting on where I had been–what wasn't working and why and what needed to change. 

It is only from a realistic assessment of what's working and what's not that you can begin to make adjustments to what you are doing and how you are doing it. Only then can you effectively plan for change and forward progression. 

So as we wrap up this year, I hope you'll take some time to reflect in your journal. Finding time for this is your first step toward finding momentum in the coming year. 

Reflective Journal Prompts for Wisdom & Insight

What should I feel most proud of this year?

What were the most significant challenges I faced, and how did I overcome them? Try to think about what strengths you utilized as well and how you employed these strengths. Are you aware of challenges you will face in the coming months that you could rely on these strengths in a similar fashion?

What lessons did I learn this year when things didn’t unfold as I had intended or hoped they would? What will I do differently in the future?

How did I manage my time and priorities, and what adjustments can I make for better balance?

What experiences brought me the most joy and fulfillment this year? Do I wish to repeat or recreate any of these experiences? If so, what will need to happen?

Am I satisfied with the level of self-care and self-compassion I showed myself over the past year? What can I continue or do differently to ensure I care for myself well in the coming year?

In what ways did I step out of my comfort zone or move forward despite my fears? How did I do this and what did I discover as a result?

Were there shifts in my beliefs or perspectives over the course of the year?

What are three words I would use to describe this past year, and why?

What were the most significant relationships in my life? What did I learn from them and how can I deepen the connection in the coming year?

Are there any areas of my life where I either need to forgive myself or others?

What were the moments that made me feel most alive or passionate this year?

How did I invest in my personal development and growth and did I get what I anticipated from the investment? How should I invest in myself in the coming year?

What habits or activities brought me peace and calmness this year?

Did I take advantage of opportunities to express my creativity or pursue my interests throughout the year? What are my intentions to ensure that I do so in the coming year?

What were the most significant decisions I made, and how did they impact my life?

What unresolved issues or goals do I need to carry forward into the new year?

Do I feel like I improved my communication skills and connections with others this past year? What steps can I take in this area of personal growth in the coming year?

Did I celebrate my accomplishments, big or small, throughout the year? How? What ways can I celebrate my wins in the coming year?

What habits and routines helped me stay focused and make progress toward my goals, dreams and intentions throughout the course of the year? Would it benefit me to strengthen any of these habits or routines?

What advice would I give to my future self based on my experiences this year?

What habits or behaviors should I change or let go of, as they are no longer serving me?

How well did I prioritize my mental health and well-being throughout the year? How well did I balance stress with activities that relax and restore my well-being?

What progress did I make towards achieving my long-term dreams, goals and aspirations?

What are my intentions and areas of focus for the upcoming year based on my reflections?

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