• Are Your Negative Thoughts Ruining Your Life?

    I dare you to spend one day counting how many times you have a negative thought about yourself. Think it might be a lot? It might seem difficult to know where to start to create a mindset shift away from negative perceptions of ourselves, but it is possible by taking steps.
  • Upholding Boundaries in Difficult Situations

    Journal Prompts and Suggestions for Creating & Maintaining Boundaries

    How often do you find yourself saying yes when instead you should have said no? Defining personal boundaries can be a trial and error process, but we can also be proactive about creating our boundaries. But, how do we uphold them once we know what they are?

  • A New Journey for the JMB Living Journal

    Over these last two years, I have listened to and taken note of all the reviews, feedback, criticisms, and real-life experiences of JMB Living Journal users to ensure that I can provide the best version of this guide as possible. And now, because of your commitment to helping JMB Living succeed with the candidness, support and love of our community, I have taken one step closer to that with a new edition of the JMB Living Journal premiering with the Winter 2023 issue.

  • 5 Ways to Overcome Internal Resistance and Fight Procrastination

    Have you ever felt like there’s a cinder block sitting on your chest, preventing you from getting up and accomplishing what you need to? While it may not be practical to stop procrastinating altogether, there are ways to balance being productive until you’re ready to complete something to the best of your ability.


  • How to Make a Vision Board that Makes Your Dreams a Reality

    When did we lose our ability to dream so big? Nurturing your dreams and creating your ideal life doesn’t always mean abandoning your present, but, perhaps, somewhere in the in-between to elevating the fulfillment and joy you feel every day. With my vision boarding over the years, I have brought love, money and travel
  • Increasing Presence with Gratitude

    It might sound simple, but how do you actually adjust your lifestyle to actively slow down and increase presence? It’s actually more simple and achievable than you think: all you need is intention and a gratitude mindset.
  • Making Space for Progress with Mindful Decluttering

    Why should spring be the only time we refresh our mindset and reorganize our space? Decluttering creates a fresh beginning to work from and invites new things and opportunities into life. How can we continuously be creating and adapting our space to reflect where we are on the journey to our dreams?

  • How To Use Intentional Journaling To Change Your Life

    When was the last time you prioritized yourself? Do you know what your dreams are, or are you so stuck in routine that you’ve stopped trying to achieve anything beyond what you have? Five minutes, every day, to feel more joy and fulfillment while connecting with other women on their own Journal Journeys. That’s what the JMB Living Journal and intentional journaling can do for you.
  • How To Harness Anger for Healing

    Do you control your anger, or does it control you? Without making an intention to explore your relationship with anger, it’s easy to assume that anger is just an emotion that is automatically triggered by external factors. Anger is a secondary emotion. Do you know how to recognize what's at the root of your anger?


  • Journaling To Cultivate Joy with Curiosity

    Imagine if you looked at the world through the eyes of a child; how many more questions would you have about why and how things are the way they are, rather than just accepting them and letting it leave your mind. When we become curious about our surroundings and the inner workings of the world around us, we increase our sense of presence in our own lives while also taking full advantage of everything life has to offer and feeling appreciation for the beauty all around us.

  • 50 Ways to Stay Mindful in Summer

    Practicing mindfulness during summer can help you truly savor everything the season allows you to do, while also preventing the time from flying by. Making an intention to be more present or practice mindfulness each day will enhance your memories of summer while also increasing the joy you feel in the moment. 

    Choosing one (or more) things from this list to practice each day/week will help you have the best summer yet without losing traction on your personal growth journey!

  • 5 Steps to True Forgiveness

    So how can we make the most out of forgiveness? How do you reconcile feelings of hurt—and even resentment—to create healing and growth?  A good way to start is to truly understand forgiveness and define your relationship with it.