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How Cultivating Self-Love is a Solution for Problems You Didn't Know Were Solvable 

Are you aware of the aspects of your life that keep you from being happy on a daily basis? At the end of a day, do you feel satisfied and content, or worn down and empty?

What many people don’t realize is that these “aspects” are all connected to a crack in your foundation. Sometimes, that crack is unhealed trauma or grief; but for a lot of people, that crack is a lack of self-love.

“What does self-love have to do with general unhappiness when it’s an internal issue?” Well, kind of everything. How can you expect to like your life if you don’t even like yourself?

If you wake up every day, unhappy with the skin you’re in, unsatisfied with the way you nourish yourself and resenting yourself with the choices you’ve made that have led you to your job and lifestyle, it makes sense that a lack of self-love is what’s keeping your days from being enjoyable!

If this resonates with you, it helps to have an actionable way to cultivate self-love each daya plan that grows into a full-blown, life-long romance with yourself! That's why we are created Worthy: A Radical Self-Love Journal—to go on a journey that guides you through overcoming common obstacles to self-love, while also implementing ways and mindset shifts that are supportive of lasting, radical self-love. 

Know however, that not every cause of unhappiness in life has to require a big fix or a deep explanation related to your past or worldview—although that doesn’t invalidate the ones that do!

You’d be surprised by how drastically life can improve with a little self-love!

How Self-Love Makes Life Better 

Just like other mindfulness tools, intentionally practiced self-love is a tool that allows you to be more present in your life and really enjoy unique life experiences. 

When you intentionally cultivate self-love, you are creating a foundation that magnifies the benefits of practices such as gratitude, meditation, affirmations and so much more. 

If you are living in a mindset where you love yourself wholly, it makes it easier to love your life, recognize what you’re grateful for and believe in yourself and your ability to create your ideal life. 

Prioritizing self-love automatically creates a deeper connection with yourself—you’re more in-tune with your physical, emotional and mental needs, as well as more capable of knowing and exploring what makes you happy. This elevates your daily life and life as a whole when you can more intentionally spend time nourishing yourself in a multitude of ways. 

You are also living fully where you are each day, not letting life simply pass you by while you go through the motions.

A Reminder: Self-Love is NOT Selfish!

The better your relationship is with yourself, the more you have to give to others! And, that compassion and kindness won’t be a thoughtless obligation, but an extension of the love you have for yourself that can support other people on their own self-love journey. When we have a surplus of self-love, giving doesn’t take away, it just creates more love! 

And, a self-love journey is not always linear! You shouldn’t feel like a failure the first time you have a dip in confidence or a critical thought about yourself. True self-love means you are equipped with the mindset and tools to accept the hard times and know how to respond and rebuild your self-love after a hard day. 

So what steps are you going to take to create your self-love journey? For a look at everyday acts of self-love that have changed my life, read this blog post. Or you could check out a listing of self-love acts you likely haven't tried yet. And to stay tuned for when we launch our new self-love guided journal sign up here.

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