• Being Fluent in Love Languages

    Knowing and understanding your own love language and those of the people you give gifts to can make your gifts more impactful and meaningful; utilizing love languages more deeply conveys your care for others and can help you effectively celebrate the holidays!

  • 7 Benefits of Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is the practice of going through life with a perspective of higher self-awareness. At its most basic, mindfulness is a daily tool. At its most complex, mindfulness reaches into every aspect of our lives to increase synergy and alignment. 

  • The Art of Letting Go to Create Space for What’s Next

    This post explains why this week is the perfect time for this letting go and shares insights on different techniques that can be used depending on whether you are letting go of negative thoughts/energies, beliefs, excess things around the house, projects or when necessary, people in your life.

    A process of intentional reflection can help you more clearly and more intentionally decide what is useful in your life and what would be better off discarded or left behind. Taking steps to create space in our physical, mental and emotional houses is so advantageous in helping to lay a firm foundation for new dreams and future projects.