5 Proven Ways to Create Progress on Your Dream Journey

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How You Can Create Success with Mindfulness Tools Used By Wealthy People

The new year is a time when everyone is working to achieve their resolutions, beginning their year with pressure and jumping back into the hustle of everyday life. However, I say, throw your resolutions out the window.

It's true! Resolutions create a ton of pressure and the fear of failure is not a healthy motivator. When you shift your mindset away from goals and resolutions to creating your ideal life and achieving your dreams, you become more aligned with the natural way that our lives progress and how we welcome our desires into our lives.

When it comes to setting a timeline for achieving your dreams, often there are aspects of the timing that we can't really control. It's best to be open when it comes to how our dreams are created.

Where goals are inspired by a change we want to make, dreams are more holistic and can take any shape so long as it fulfills the intention and/or purpose of a dream.

Are your goals too influenced by society or what you think you should be striving for? Dreams will fulfill you or bring you closer to being your best self.  Living your ideal life and making this mindset shift will result in more ease and progress for you on your journey.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way—wealthy, successful people have used mindfulness tools to achieve their dreams, and the beginning of the year is a great time to educate yourself and try a new strategy as you shift away from grind culture and resolutions. This blog post shares each of these methods as well as many resources to help you learn more and master these tools on your own dream journey.

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1. Dream Scripting

Would you trust advice from someone who spent five years studying the habits and methods of rich people? Tom Corley is an author of many books, including Change Your Habits, Change Your Life and Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. During his study of 233 wealthy individuals, Corley found that nearly 80% use future scripting to identify and create their dreams. Future scripting is the practice of putting your ideal life on paper with words.

Future scripting is not only a good manifestation method and visualization technique, but it is a great exercise in general to gain insight on what you desire and how you would like it to come into your life. You can then take this detailed description to create action steps.

For more information on what future scripting is and how to use it to create your dreams, you can download our free guide here.

2. Make a Plan

Break your one-year plan into actionable activities you can focus on each season.

After you've create your future script, do your best to identify the individual dreams and an estimated timeline for how long it might take for them to come true. This isn't to create an expectation or a deadline, but more so to help you prioritize and decide your action steps.

Now, you can create your one-year plan into steps you can take throughout each period of three months. The business model of quarters is successful because three months is a more realistic and achievable time period for achieving goals, and many mindfulness professionals have adapted this as well.

Be sure to factor in the natural energy and events going on throughout each season. If your action items could be impacted by how busy work or life is, use that information to plan accordingly.

As you identify each dream from your future script, break each of those dreams down and assign them their own creation steps. This is insight you can use to compose your one-year (and longer) plan.

Collection of Vision boards

3. Visualization

How can you use visualization to support your dream journey? Vision boards.

1 in 5 successful entrepreneurs used vision boards to help them reach success (source).

I advocate for vision boards to anyone and everyone seeking to improve their life, grow or achieve their dreams. Not only are vision boards a powerful visualization tool, but they're also just a great motivator as you look at it daily and are reminded of what you are working for, how far you've come and what is coming into your life.

If you're looking for inspiration or information on how to create a great vision board, I share content often on Pinterest (one of my favorite vision boarding tools) or check out How to Make a Vision Board that Makes Your Dreams a Reality.

I also host Free Online Vision Board Workshops—the first one for 2023 will be held on Tuesday, January 10th. You can RSVP or sign up to be notified about the next one here.

4. Affirmations

Affirmations have many proven psychological benefits, including a better understanding and use of identity as well as increased positivity. They are also a great tool for creating your dreams as you subconsciously are being reminded of what you're working for and your thoughts can influence your actions to move you closer to creating your dreams.

Corley's study also shows wealthy individuals are positive. Affirmations also help train your brain to make positivity your default. The power of the spoken word and believing your thoughts is truly underestimated, so using affirmations is a great way to enhance your success while dissolving limiting beliefs.

Affirmations are so popular throughout social media and the wellness sphere these days, but there's so much more to them than just saying one at the beginning of the day or when you see one on social media.

Inspiration and finding affirmations that resonate are great, and I'm glad so many people share them now, but getting them to be impactful requires techniques and information that isn't usually shared alongside the affirmation itself. That's why I created The Secret to Creating Affirmations that Work, a digital course that walks you through how to apply the science behind affirmations to your daily use, with method and technique suggestions for you to choose from that best fit your style.

5. Have Good Habits & Routines

When you are intentional about your routines and habits and making sure that they are aligned with your dreams and desired growth, you create so much more ease on your dream journey. Make and break habits and routines to set yourself up for success in reaching your dreams.

Habits can so easily be tied to a resolution, but it actually takes at least 30 days to make or break a habit, so be sure that you are supporting these changes with realistic action. There are so many tools and methods to be successful in making and breaking habits, and you can find them in How to Actually Make and Break Habits.

But what's the difference between habits and routines, and why does it matter to know? Routines are composed of habits and can be more specific to time-of-day or overall purpose. Read How Routines Create Consistency in an Inconsistent Life if you would like to fully understand the value of routine and how to create them in a way that sticks and supports your dream journey.

These pillars were all factors in the creation of the JMB Living Journal. With an intention to help you create your ideal life as you navigate day-to-day challenges and work to shift your mindset to one of positivity and joy, the journal includes features that support your dream journey with these tools that such successful people have also used.

If this year is the year you are ready to truly make progress to make your dreams your reality, you can learn more about the journal here or sign up to receive more resources and tips like the ones included in this blog here.

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