Free Vision Board Masterclass

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Create your best vision board ever for success in the new year

Event Details

  • When: 7:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 10th
  • Where: Anywhere! The workshop will be held on Zoom so just RSVP & the link will be sent to your email.
  • What: Practical tips to make your next vision board the one that brings massive changes into your life!
         -Define your dreams and learn how to represent them on your vision board
         -An understanding of the science behind why vision boards truly work.
         -Why it's a good idea to refresh your vision boards more than once a year.

New to vision boarding or vision boarding veteran?

It doesn't matter—anyone can join! This masterclass will cover the basic science of why vision boards work, the mindset shift that makes vision boards work AND share great tips to elevate your vision boarding including:

What to put on vision boards

Prompts to envision your dreams

How to use a vision board

Vision Boards from the
JMB Living Journal Community

Each JMB Living Journal has a "Vision of My Ideal Life" spread where users can create their own vision board for that season. Many members of the JMB Living Journal community viewed the last vision board workshop with Vision Works NY, and here are some of the results!

Get to know your host:

Julie learned and lived what happens when you create a great vision board. She made a travel vision board with all the places she wanted to visit in her lifetime. The result: a several month leave from work hitting almost all of the places in a single trip. Then she left her corporate career as a tax director and is now living her dream of being fulfilled by a job that spreads love and inspires joy—for herself and others.

With a background as a life coach, yoga teacher, and creator of various mindfulness courses and workshops, Julie created the JMB Living Journal to give women a daily guide that encourages them to prioritize themselves with self-care, find joy every day, be more present and support them on their growth journey with insights from intentional journaling.

You can learn more about Julie and the JMB Living Journal here.

Julie Barlow of JMB Living