An Uncomplicated Life


Ah Corsica, dare I speak of you for fear the secret spread and taint your unspoiled beauty? What is it about you that lures me back time and again? Me, the girl who prefers never to visit the same destination twice. Me, the girl who delights in exploring the unknown just around the next bend. And yet I find myself here again. And more curious still that I find myself not yet fully gone and already planning my return. Some may explain it by saying it’s your lovely and diverse beaches; many with fine white sand, others with rocky shores and all with sparkling clear water in the most gorgeous hues of blue and green. Some may claim it’s the abundance of hiking trails leading up to glacial lakes, to tiny villages clinging to cliffs, through groves of olive trees and along your stunning coast. Still others may believe it’s the pleasure of indulging in fine French food and Corsican wine.

Yes, indeed all of this is true and can be denied by none so fortunate to step foot on your fertile ground. But I’ve come to know that there is something more – something that can’t be touched or seen with the naked eye. It’s the spirit of Corsica that shines through in the people that are so kind, generous and passionate about their way of life. It shows in their smiles as time and again as they break open a bottle of Corsican Lemoncello and offer tiny cups to strangers while teaching you how to say “Cheers” in Corsican – A Salute! One of the locals I met this week summed it up to me perfectly – “In America, life is complicated. Here – not complicated.”

And it’s true. Time slows down. Restaurants, grocery stores and little boutiques close for the afternoon between the hours of 2:00 to 7:00 pm. You must ask for your check at a restaurant, as there is no hurry for you to leave – rather an expectation that you will take your time, chat and enjoy your meal. Less is more. And there is more time to linger. Time to take in another sunset at the close of every day. Time to hang the clothes out to dry on the line. Time to share a cup of coffee as the day begins and a glass of wine as it winds down. Linger, enjoy, breathe. Yes, life is less complicated and savored as a result.


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