• My Journal, My Friend, My Guide to More Joy

    Okay, this may sound a little weird, but my journal is kind of like a best friend. It helps me start my day on a happy note, encouraging me with uplifting messages to be the best me I can be. It hangs out with me during the day, keeping me on track of what I need to do. And it brings a smile to my heart as I wind down and reflect back on the beauty, joy and small wins that occurred throughout the day. It reminds me of what I am working towards and gently admonishes me when I get off track. I share my secrets and in exchange, I am rewarded with insights. This is a post about my relationship with my JMB Living Journal and how we speak to each other, but it is my hope that you take away some ideas regardless of what planner or journal you use.

  • Harnessing the Mind-Body Connection

    …Yet this amazing connection between your mind and body can also be harnessed in a powerful way to help you reach your goals and simply to create more positivity in your life. This blog post focuses on a few techniques that you can use to maximize the power in your own mind-body connection toward getting all you want out of life.