• How to Actually Make and Break Habits

    Our habits reflect our core values, especially as we become more mindful of the habits we want to make and what our desired outcome is. If you've failed making a habit before, here's exactly how to set yourself up for success when you make a new habit:

  • Habit Tracker Hacks

    After a few months of using a habit tracker, I realized that while they are extremely helpful in making progress toward making and breaking a habit, there are a few things you can do to help set yourself up for success in the process. While some of this I’ve discovered through trial and error, research seems to back up many of my conclusions. Herein are five hacks for making the best use of your habit tracker, followed by a couple of unique ways I’m using mine.

  • How Journaling Can Change Your Life

    Holistic journaling and applying intent to our narratives allows us to have more internal control on external factors, while bringing us closer to achieving what we both want and need most by allowing our inner strength and mindfulness to engage with our daily lives.

  • Ditch Goals and Replace them with Dreams

    It is this difference in language of dreams compared to that of goals that leads me to assert that it is time to ditch goals and replace them with dreams instead. Many people will tell you to dream big dreams, but set realistic goals to help you achieve them. This thought has some merit, but it is my belief that the difference in the language used when working with achieving what you want for the future is very very important. When it comes to creating and altering your current reality, the mode of feeling is infinitely more powerful than the mode of thinking. When we envision how we would look and feel if we were to realize our dreams, our subconscious begins to activate movement in a direction to create the vision.

  • Cultivating Your Intentions

    Just as you know that beautiful flower gardens don’t appear overnight, neither are intentions immediately set never to be broken. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that bring a gorgeous flower garden into being and how we can use this as a metaphor for creating our own beautiful intentions in our minds and for our lives.