Slow Down, Rest and Dream.
Learn To Live in Alignment with the Stillness of Winter.

Learn to rest and savor winter while being guided to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year to achieve your goals and create your dreams.

Winter Guided Journal
Winter Guided Journal
Winter Guided Journal
Winter Guided Journal

It’s not just a journal. It’s a planner. It’s a source for inspiration.
It’s a life coach in written form.

This is the Legacy Line of Seasonal JMB Living Journals—these seasonal JMB Living Journals are a compilation of the best themes and features of previous editions. Carefully curated with impactful stories, art, poetry, exercises and more, these undated seasonal issues were created with intention to be useful year after year—cultivating growth and new insights each time. 

Our signature quarterly journal is a tool for you to reconnect with yourself, the seasons, and the beauty in your everyday life. We firmly believe that mindfulness is for everyone, so we’ve created a flexible journal that will meet you where you are (and help you build the life of your dreams).

Winter Guided Journal


Release your reservations and embrace the seasonality and softness winter brings. 

JMB Living's Undated Winter Guided Journal guides you through 13 weeks of winter, welcoming you to the uniqueness of the season and encouraging you to adapt its stillness on your intentional living journey.

Let this season be a time for rest, for dreaming, for reflection and introspection; As nature hibernates and basks in the chilled slowness of the season, so may you shift to a place of peace and restfulness, acknowledging your progress in the year and dreaming forward for what is left to do and how to cultivate your new desires in the new year.


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A flexible 3-month mindfulness journal with a specific fall seasonal focus that encourages you to focus on your intentions, engage with the present moment, and carve out time for yourself each day.

Softly embrace the shift from summer to fall as you leave the restless, busy energy behind and move to a mindset of preparation and abundance before winter.

This is your space to plan, decompress, unload, reflect, grow, and dream.

8 x 10 inches
Paper & Cover 
160 pages, high-quality 80lb uncoated text paper
Soft-touch laminate cardstock cover that repels spills & holds up to daily carry
Wire-bound, so that it lays fully flat

We ♥ a little something extra & our personal touch
Expect a surprise with each journal—bookmarks, pens, stickers.
Building habits, together
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Winter Guided Journal

Creating Your Dreams

Why did we ever stop believing our dreams could come true?
 The JMB Living Dreams System combines psychology, mindfulness and proven achievement methods to foster creative dreams and guides you to create them day by day as you begin the new year.

Cultivating Growth with the JMB Method

Make & Break Habits for Good. 
Our Wellness Trackers & weekly intention and reflections prompts utilize psychology-backed methods to create a gradual mindset shift. Daily use allows you to master your desired habits, get rid of limiting ones and move closer to the life you desire with the tools you need to create it.   

winter guided journal reflection
Winter Guided Journal Weekly Theme

Daily Inspiration & Presence Prompts

No More Struggling with Consistency.
Discover the perfect balance of consistency and variety in our daily page structure with quotes related to each weekly theme and our daily prompts that foster presence and 
a gratitude mindset. Immerse your lifestyle into the seasonal staples of winter with guided intention and attention each week with a new focus from the mindfulness challenge theme for the week.

Community Connections

Midweek and weekend spreads contain a variety of journaling exercises, meditations, reflection activities, coloring pages and stories/art/poetry/wisdom from contributing members of the JMB Living Community, including wellness professionals, therapists and coaches, that expand upon each week's theme. You'll encounter a variety of perspectives to consider on your Journal Journey, receive advice, recipes and more from various experts in different fields and have the opportunity to connect with others on their own Journal Journey.

Winter Journal Features


Winter Guided Journal Coloring Page

Balance Growth with
Joy & Presence Every Day

Throughout the Winter Guided Journal, you'll find different activities, prompts, fun pages and more to encourage journaling consistency and elevate your Journal Journey. 

winter journal feng shui feature

Features from Coaches & Wellness Professionals

Gain access to a variety of professional perspectives and practices from others who live with intention from all spheres of wellness and mindful living. 

winter journal seasonal

Curated Seasonal Content for
Alignment & Mindful Living

The Winter Guided Journal is unique from cover to cover with internal design, themes, features, and more composed intentionally to focus on the seasonality—both in lifestyle and nature—of winter. 

Guided Journaling Has Been Proven To


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Can I get more than one single issue? 
Of course! You can save 15% when you subscribe to automatically receive your new issue each season, or save 20% when you order an annual set.

We emphasize creating your own Journal Journey based on your lifestyle. That's why our journals are undated: so that anyone can have access to guilt-free journaling that makes an impact.

Is this a planner or a journal?
It’s a little bit of both! The daily pages include free space to journal, set goals, or even jot down your to-do list for the day. We also include monthly calendar pages where you can set an intention and map out what’s happening in your life that month.

Is each season the same?
Not at all—while the structure of the daily journaling pages stays the same, each quarter’s journal is filled with content, prompts, and exercises which have been curated by our team to reflect the season we’re in.
We currently only have one annual set of seasonal undated guided journals, so they were intentionally crafted to be used from year-to-year with new insights and valuable reminders.

What’s your refund policy?
It’s simple—we want you to be thrilled with your journal.
If you’re not completely delighted when it arrives, all we ask is that you email us within 30 days of purchase. We’ll issue a full refund.

Do you ship internationally?
Shipping is free in the US for orders over $10.
Shipping to Canada costs $10.
Right now, we are only shipping to the US and Canada, but we look forward to growing and eventually shipping internationally! For international customers, we recommend our digital journals!

How does the subscription work?When you purchase a subscription, you’ll be charged for each quarterly issue of the journal every three months. When the duration of your initial subscription ends, it will automatically renew. If you want to cancel or modify your subscription, you can do so at any time using the links in your order confirmation email.

Because each journal is undated, you will be charged exactly three months after your first subscription purchase, and your journal will be shipped after your payment is confirmed. You are also able to access and edit your subscription renewal dates, which issue you receive, payment and shipping information and more in the Recharge subscription portal.