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Here's some tools and more that will complement your commitment to improving your affirmations!

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Affirmation Inspiration

If you'd like inspiration for your affirmations or to find a good affirmation that fits your need, we share a ton of affirmations on Pinterest for you to save to a board or to your phone as a reminder and wallpaper!

woman and child sitting cross legged on the floor with eyes closed meditating

Finding Time For What Matters Most

If you don't stop to take stock of what you are doing in your life from time to time, life can begin to run you, instead of you running your life in a way that works well for you. I made quite a few changes to how I operate in the last year, finding more time for what matters most in my life. Here are the top ten things I began doing differently that made the most impact. 

woman lying on bed journaling

Ending the Year with Reflection

I was flipping back through some old journals and was surprised to find how many years I had been working on the same goals–not so much work goals, but what I wanted out of life goals–relationships, fitness, etc.  What was missing, was time spent on self reflection. It is only from a realistic assessment of what's working and what's not that you can begin to make adjustments to what you are doing and how you are doing it. Only then can you effectively plan for change and forward progression. 

Evaluating Relationships: Are the People In Your Life Helping You Be Your Best Self?

Evaluating Relationships: Are the People In Your Life Helping You Be Your Best Self?

Consider the following elements of self-awareness, your relationships, your goals and your boundaries to find out if you are creating and accepting the love you deserve, or if you've got some work to do. 

Practicing Mindfulness Has Been Proven To