Why Indiegogo and why crowdfunding?

JMB Living journal on indiegogo

Hello everyone! As you may be aware, we are getting ready to launch our newest product, the JMB Living Journal on November 10th. And you may be aware that we’ve decided to using a crowdfunding platform to do so. After careful contemplation, we’ve decided that Indiegogo is the best option for us, as it will give us the ability to get the journals in the mail to everyone a little sooner. Many people have been commenting on what a nice Christmas gift the journal would make and we completely agree! With that in mind, we want to get these journals in the mail as quickly as possible. I’ve been getting a few questions in recent weeks as to why we are using crowdfunding to launch, what it is and how it works. So I thought I use this week’s blog post to explain.

For those of you that may be new to the crowdfunding space, let’s begin with what Indiegogo is and how it functions. Indiegogo is a popular crowdfunding platform that has been used for over a decade by hundreds of thousands of product creators to get the news out about their product. Crowdfunding essentially is a way of raising sufficient funds to cover the significant costs of bringing a new product to market by sharing the idea and the product with the global community. Each product has a campaign page to “show and tell” all the cool things about the product and why it is unique to what is currently available. There are different levels of reward packages where you can purchase new products often at deep discounts and get extras perks at the same time. It’s simple, easy and fun to support bringing a new product to market and actually watching the process unfold in a matter of weeks. 

As you know, purchasing in bulk can often decrease the cost of a product or service. This is very true in the printing industry. Printing a high quality publication in full color is quite expensive, so it was very important to us to be able to print a large quantity of JMB Living Journals right from the beginning to help keep the cost of the journal down. To do this we need to get the word out in a big way quickly. This is one the reasons we decided to launch on a crowdfunding space as opposed to our own website. There are many different crowdfunding platforms to choose from, but one of the main reasons we decided to launch on Indiegogo is the sheer size of its audience. This will give the journal the best chance possible of getting discovered and picked up by the mainstream.

We also are excited about launching on Indiegogo because it is a fun way to share news and information about the journal and its initial kick-off period. Crowdfunding by its very nature involves everyone that has decided to join in the community and help support the campaign. Not only can you get fantastic discounts and rewards for purchasing products, but you get to be a vital part of creating a winning team by sharing the news with family and friends. Many campaigns help encourage this team atmosphere by announcing “stretch goals” and additional rewards for all backers for reaching certain goals during the campaign. We love this idea, so stay tuned for our own campaign goals and rewards. 

We are seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the journal - everyone is loving the imagery, the soft calm vibe and encompassing so much into one useful tool for helping you create your best life.  We can’t wait to share more photos, videos and behind the scenes information with you on the campaign page. We hope you love it as much as we do and that it inspires you to carve a small block of time out of each day for you. A block of time for you to reflect, dream, learn, plan and create more joy in your daily life. 

I want to wrap up today’s post by expressing so much love and gratitude for all the support in this journey of bringing the JMB Living Journal and JMB Living itself to life.

If you’d like to be notified as soon as we go live on launch day and lock in the best discounts of up to 50% off (only available on the first day of the crowdfunding campaign), you can sign up at www.jmblivinglife.com. (Discounts of an additional 5% off for joining our VIP launch program for $1.) We can’t thank you enough for all your support! Julie

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