• Chocolate for Mind, Body, and Soul

    Chocolate is delicious, but it also has a rich and diverse variety of meanings and benefits. Join me as I reminisce about a perfect cup of hot cocoa in Peru, explore the differences between cocoa, cacao and ceremonial cacao, share a healthy dessert recipe and contemplate how to mindfully consume this wonderful substance.

  • Soft Skin with DIY Mango Body Butter

    I like to give my skin a little extra TLC in the wintertime to combat the drying effects of heating the house. And lately, I have fallen in love with this DIY Mango Body Butter that I have been making, so I wanted to share it with you. It’s super easy to make and my skin feels so soft for hours after using it. I also love that it absorbs quickly so that you don’t end up feeling greasy like often is the case with some DIY lotions and body creams.