Simple Ways to Clean from the Inside Out

inner body cleansing

While you are busy scrubbing all those frequently used surfaces, a spring cleaning on your insides will go a long way to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy as well.  

Here are a few suggestions for giving your internal organs some extra love without doing a full blown cleanse.

  • Start each morning with a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice in a full glass of water.  You’ll start your day hydrated with healthy dose of vitamin C, potassium and phytonutrients that protect your body against disease. Plus, the acid will help break down your breakfast.

  • Then Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate some more – flush out those toxins with fresh clean filtered water. Bonus - this helps curb your hunger in the meantime.

  • Kick the sugar habit to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation & stop cravings. Try replacing sweet snacks or desserts with fresh fruits, nuts or olives. If you have an afternoon treat or evening bedtime snack habit, try to break it by diverting your attention. Take a walk instead. Read a book. Take a bath. For years I looked forward to my afternoon treat and starting thinking about my evening snack while still full from dinner, so trust me kicking these habits is possible. If you fill up on healthy vegetables, a protein and some type of healthy fat at mealtimes you’ll be fighting your brain instead of your belly. Tell yourself YOU DO HAVE the will power to abstain from snacks. If you can do this for 30 days, you CAN kick the sugar snack habit.  

  • Take probiotics, eat yogurt or try fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kombucha.  Healthy gut flora improves digestion and helps you avoid feeling heavy and bloated.  The positive impacts on your overall health are numerous.

  • Reduce or eliminate animal protein for a period of time. Animal protein must be broken down into separate amino acids to be utilized by the body. Switching to green leafy vegetables and other plant based proteins gives your body a break by supplying ready to use and easily absorbable amino acids.

  • Drink green juices or green smoothies - energize & alkalize the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. If this is new to you, try something like apple, kale and cucumber first. You might be surprised how good this combination tastes.

  • Choose Organic – there are so many ways toxic chemicals enter our body that are difficult to avoid – this is one way you can minimize your intake.

  • Eat bitter greens such as dandelion, watercress or arugula. Your taste buds will be activated to stimulate enzyme production, helping you better digest your food and eliminate waste in the digestive tract. And as a bonus they are a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

  • Up the heat with some spicy food – chilis can boost metabolism, stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.  The turmeric found in spicy curries has significant anti-inflammatory capabilities.

  • Take a caffeine break and drink green, white or herbal tea instead. Green and white tea are rich with antioxidants and herbal teas have many different medicinal properties.

  • Ditch dairy for a few weeks and see if you notice a reduction in mucus or sinus related issues.

  • And in the meantime, make sure to treat yourself with some extra sleep to help support your body’s purification process.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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