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The other week on Instagram, I made a post sharing how I’m not always happy. Because JMB Living is all about living a more joyful, mindful, balanced life, it’s not always clear that I struggle, too. I work to be transparent in my feelings and failings and really empathize with a lot of people that share when they are stressed and overwhelmed.

As we progress further into the beginning of another issue of the JMB Living Journal, I thought it might be helpful to create a collection of all of the tips, videos, and blog posts we have to help you on your Journal Journey!

I intentionally created the JMB Living Journal with an abundance of prompts to increase the structure and also freedom you have in using your journal—as in, you can fill in as many (or as few) prompts as you want each day! I love the metaphor of your journal use as a Journal Journey because everyone that purchases a journal becomes part of a community where we are all traveling different paths on the same journey to a more mindful life.

Through these tips and resources, I want you to feel comfortable forging your own path on our shared journey. The JMB Living Journal works best when it is working for you: taking into consideration your lifestyle, your preferences, and what brings you joy.

As you scroll through the rest of the post, you will find our resources categorized by different aspects to help you along your Journal Journey.

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The JMB Living Journal Community on Facebook

My personal favorite resource for journal use isn’t even mine—it’s yours! The JMB Living Journal Community Facebook Group is a space for journal users to ask questions, share wins and inspirations, and connect with each other. Seeing all of the incredible women that use the journal come together and share in their journey is exactly what I wished for and more when I made the journal. In addition to posts of users, I regularly post in the group with content related to blog posts, new resources and workshops, and questions to get your input on how to improve the journal! Join Here

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Vision Boards

The biggest request I see when people are working on their vision boards is where to find inspiration. The video listed below is a workshop I did with visionworksny, a brand run by visionary coaches, that details where to start and how to create your best, most aligned vision board. Vision Board Workshop

habit tracker

Habit Trackers

Habit trackers are a pretty simple concept, which is why there is so much inspiration for how to customize it for your own use! The blog post below goes into detail with ways I’ve found to make the most of my habit tracker each month. Habit Tracker Hacks Blog Post

Need some inspiration on which habits to track? Here are some things shared by members of the JMB Living Journal Community on Facebook:

  • Movement

  • Quiet meditation

  • No soda

  • Increase vegetables

  • Drink a protein shake

  • Quiet journal time

  • Nighttime skin care

  • Exercise

  • Water intake

  • Not checking work email after hours

  • Meditation

  • Reach a step goal

  • Making your bed

  • Watching TV you don’t like

  • Spending 10 minutes outside

  • Connecting with others

Daily Journal Prompts & Getting Started

As you start using your journal and defining your path according to what’s realistic for you, these blog posts go into detail with tips and different ways to use the JMB Living Journal for journaling beginners, or people looking to refresh their use. Journaling Outside the Lines Tips to Establish Good Journaling Habits My Journal, My Friend, My Guide to More Joy Using the Journal with Your Enneagram

Dream Steps

Do you struggle with outlining your dream steps, or deciding which dreams you want to work toward? This blog post outlines why I shifted from “goals” and included dreams in the JMB Living Journal, and how and why to change your own perspective from one to the other. Ditch Goals and Replace Them with Dreams

Abundance In My Life Prompt

While you likely already have a good understanding of how to list things your are grateful for, listing what is abundant in your life may be a new concept. If you would like a little more background on cultivating an abundance mindset, the blog post below may be helpful to read. Advantages of an Abundance Mindset

And remember, I always love hearing from you via email and am happy to answer any of your questions as well!

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