Living your Bucket List

guide to creating your dream bucket list

How to Write Your Bucket List

Recently, I found Bronnie Ware’s book about the most common regrets people have when they’re dying from her work as a palliative care nurse. Many of the concepts were things that most typically aren’t associated with bucket lists, but instead are more emotional regrets or missed milestones regarding relationships. This led me to wonder how we could shift and create bucket lists that include our outlandish and most adventurous desires, while also preventing the more mindful and deeper emotional regrets.

Through this exploration, I created The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Dream Bucket List. This is a step-by-step comprehensive guide that allows you to explore the most fulfilling desires you have and how to accomplish them. 

If you’d like to start rewriting your bucket list now, you can download the guide here on my website; in this blog, I wanted to explore our desires and even perhaps need to create bucket lists and how to live in a way that shortens our bucket list by living our desires daily. 

Daily Steps to Shorten & Live Your Bucket List

creating your own joy

Why are bucket lists such a prominent concept? There are articles about them, frequent references, discounts to achieve them, and even a movie. We currently live in such a fast-moving society that requires us to focus our energy on our responsibilities and obligations that we often don’t get to prioritize our dreams.

However, an aspect of living mindfully means balancing responsibilities and work with fulfilling activities and finding ways to create joy and happiness. While it would be nice to live lives where we don’t need to make bucket lists, in reality, balancing tasks that sustain us with joyful opportunities from things like bucket lists is more fulfilling and makes our lives more well-rounded.

Another aspect of mindful living is being aware of what will fulfill you and bring you joy. This too is addressed and can be found in The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Dream Bucket List. In fact, I would even recommend reading it just to help you reflect and explore yourself in order to find what your biggest regrets or desires are, so that you can begin implementing living today in a way that works to minimize the regrets and begins to fulfill the desires. 

Creating your own daily joy that aligns and fulfills your desires sustains your happiness and can shorten your bucket list— it’s all about shifting to a mindset of living without regrets, rather than dying without regrets. Living without regrets focuses on doing everything you can now to achieve everything you want consistently. Dying without regrets focuses on the end, the negative, and pushes everything to be considered only when death seems imminent.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

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How well do you know your desires? How long is your bucket list? How much do you care about fulfilling your biggest dreams before you die? While most of us don’t often think about our bucket lists frequently, I believe they are truly a helpful tool in living a fulfilling life. To live holistically requires balance, and a realistic bucket list balances achievable goals with your biggest dreams. This is a topic I am passionate about - getting to intimately know yourself so you can fulfill and nourish yourself with joy and happiness daily. 

If you want another tool that helps you shorten your bucket list and start living it now, the JMB Living Journal functions as an everyday reminder, training you to focus on joy and beauty daily and implementing measurable steps toward achieving your dreams by working them into your planner. The combination of a well crafted bucket list and using the powerful tools imbedded within the journal can not only shorten your bucket list, but can help you shift your routines and plans in a way that will ensure long lasting happiness and a life well-lived. 

As a small-business owner whose brand is founded on principals of joyfulness, mindfulness, and balance, helping and encouraging women to live their lives to the fullest and without regrets is hyper-relevant. I consistently ask for feedback and listen for what the women in our community want to learn about so that I can provide resources and share tips for managing and overcoming the biggest pain points in their journeys. I am excited to share with you this new Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Dream Bucket List and to watch you thrive as you begin achieving each item on your list, while at the same time shifting your daily habits in such a way that you facilitate a more joyful and fulfilling life. 

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