50 Ways to Stay Mindful in Summer

woman journaling outside in summer

Summer is love, freedom, nature, activity, play, warmth and moving quickly! In the season of activity, how do you slow down and make time for yourself and your journey while still making the most of summer? 

Staying mindful in summer doesn’t have to be a big to-do, and it’s easier than you think! All it takes is making an intention and finding ways to do so. It’s possible to have a busy schedule and do everything you want to do while staying present, and it doesn’t even need to be a 50/50 split. 

Practicing mindfulness during summer can help you truly savor everything the season allows you to do, while also preventing the time from flying by. Making an intention to be more present or practice mindfulness each day will enhance your memories of summer while also increasing the joy you feel in the moment. 

Choosing one (or more) things from this list to practice each day/week will help you have the best summer yet without losing traction on your personal growth journey!

woman playing outside in summer

1. Meditate- If you don't already, try meditating at the beginning or end of your day. A meditation can be as long or short as you need, just take some time to center and reflect. You can find a guided meditation on YouTube or do a sunrise/sunset meditation to add some beauty and alignment!

2. Journaling- Come home to yourself every day in summer by setting aside some time each day and journaling. If you have a JMB Living Journal, you can use the prompts and affirmations to support your intention and find inspiration through the features and mindful moment challenges each week! Summer is the perfect time to use the JMB Living Journal because its seasonally curated content keeps you aligned and encourages reflection while also sharing tips for staying present! If you don't use a JMB Living Journal, your summer journaling might be more freeform or specific reflection about what you did to be mindful that day and your experience. Journaling is a great way to take a little bit (or a lot) of time to foster your relationship with yourself while taking a beat to be present.

3. Try some grounding exercises.

4. Try not to take life too seriously- Ask yourself the question, "How much will this matter in five years?"

5. Spend time alone.

6. Make an abundance list- This one's easy! Just create a list of all the things abundant in your life. Employing an abundance mindset increases gratitude and joy while also increasing abundance!

7. Play like a child.

8. Notice nature.

9. Switch up your affirmations.

10. Explore with taste- Try something you've never had before OR take note of the texture, temperature, taste and flavors of a food as you eat.

11. Remember with smell- Take a moment when you're in a situation to pay attention to the smells surrounding you, especially in nature, and allow yourself to feel wonder.

12. Experience new things with touch- Instead of focusing on your destination, stop to touch a tree, flower or anything in your immediate surroundings on a walk or anytime you're outside to be more present and interact with nature. You can even do this at a store! Explore textures and things that feel soft and bring feelings of delight, rather than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed and frustrated by only focusing on your list.

13. Catalog what you hear.

14. Allow your eyes to wander.

15. Have a picnic.

    woman having a summer picnic

      16. Find a way to love yourself fully at least once a week.

      17. Hang out with friends.

      18. Find summer self-care.

      19. Reinforce your boundaries.

      20. Schedule for spontaneity- Make sure you leave time open on your days off so that you can "go with the flow" when you are enjoying something or an opportunity arises to be playful.

      21. Get enough sleep.

      22. Cultivate a carefree, happy attitude- Begin your day with an affirmation that expresses this; either before you get out of bed in the morning, or say this to yourself the first time you look in the mirror.

      23. Approach life with curiosity.

      24. Write a gratitude list.

      25. Cook a new meal for the first time.

      26. Find a new hobby.

      27. Try out a new look- Change your hair, donate old clothes and thrift some new ones; wear an outfit that you've always wanted to wear but never have before in public!

      28. Eat for your dosha.

      29. Drive a new way to/from work- Switch up the monotony of an obligation by noticing the difference in surroundings!

      30. Change the way you complete a task- Try completing your shower routine or the order you clean a room in out of order and take note of how much more present you are and if your thoughts stray onto a different path than usual.

      31. Make a new habit.

      32. Take a day trip to somewhere new- This could be exploring something in your hometown, going on a day trip or taking a full vacation! Just go somewhere and experience new things!

      33. Go on a hike.

      34. Do something you've always wanted to do.

      35. Play in water.

      36. Slow down once a week.

      37. Do a social media cleanse- Decide on a specific amount of time to stay away from social media one day OR clean out your profiles and friends lists.

      38. Finish the book you haven’t yet.

      39. Read a new book.

      40. Color in a coloring book.

      coloring in a mindfulness journal outside

        41. Seize opportunities to commit a random act of kindness- Hold the door open for a stranger, pay for someone's coffee, help someone load their groceries into their car or return someone else's cart when you return yours. It's the small things!

        42. Reflect with intent to forgive- Summer doesn't have to be all about play, and sometimes it can be hard to really enjoy yourself if you have unresolved feelings or conflict with others. Seek to forgive someone that has hurt you or forgive yourself to release those suppressed feelings and feel more freedom and contentment!

        43. Dance!

        44. Dance in the rain!

        45. Declutter.

        46. Create time to watch the sunrise/sunset.

        47. Try slow eating.

        48. Switch it up: do something you would normally do inside, outside!

        49. Turn an everyday meal into an occasion- Invite the people you might share a meal with to wear formal attire, light candles, buy flowers and put a lot of effort into the meal. The energy and intent will make it more special than going to a restaurant and you'll be creating a memory with others!

        50. Awaken your inner child by doing something they loved to do- Splash around with a garden hose, jump rope, play a sport you haven't in a while or pick flowers along your walk.


        • This is such a but I fully well written list of amazing ideas Julie! I was reading it and so happy to see I’ve experienced so many already. And my gratitude list is my favorite way to reflect on wonderful moments of our summer!

          Carla Law
        • Mid-summer and I find I’ve enjoyed many of the mindful, joyful activities on the list. Loving the summer and finding more “me” to love during the summer of 2022. ❤️
          Thanks Julie!

          Ellen Moore

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