affirmation that works
secret to creating affirmations that work
affirmation that works
secret to creating affirmations that work

Secret to Creating Affirmations that Work


Let's face it. Often the first thing that happens when you state an affirmation is that your brain pipes up with all the reasons it's not true. This course was designed to help you break through roadblocks such as this and help you create and make life changing affirmations.

The Secret to Creating Affirmations that Work is a course designed by Julie to equip you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to make specific, intentional and successful affirmations all on your own! This course includes lessons, techniques, worksheets, and guided audios and videos to help you throughout. 

In this easy to follow course, you will learn:

  • How to choose what to make affirmations about
  • How to craft the wording for your own personal affirmations in a way that sets you up for success in creating what you most desire
  • Six different techniques for working with affirmations
  • How to increase your level of conviction and, as a result, the strength of your affirmations
  • How to harness the mind-body connection to make your affirmations even more effective
  • The real reason affirmations don’t work for most people, and a valuablesecret to make sure yours do.
Take charge of the language in your mind. Create affirmations in a way that propels you closer to your ideal life!

Gain the ability to live the life of your dreams

Tools, techniques, and methods to create effective affirmations that are more than just saying words and hoping something happens.

Affirmations are so much more than just saying an "I am" statement for a short boost of confidence. This course dives deep into the methodology of affirmations as well as how to apply it, so that you gain full understanding of how to use affirmations as a powerful life-changing tool.

Shift to thinking, feeling and believing that life is filled with infinite possibilities 

Affirmations are one powerful tool to help you create this mindset

This course includes audio and video guidance in addition to specific techniques and methods to help you explore how to best use affirmations in a way that you begin to train your mind to watch for and recognize all the possibilities that show up on the path to creating your ideal life.

Course Breakdown

Interactive Worksheets

The Secret To Creating Affirmations That Work includes worksheets that you can complete throughout the course to apply what you learn to your own life and dreams.

Six Lessons

The course is made up of six lessons, with multiple techniques and affirmation methods for you to explore on your own use when you begin creating your personal affirmations.

Guided Audios & Videos

All six lessons are accompanied by an audio or correlating video recorded by Julie to ensure you can learn and understand as much as possible.

Free Set of Affirmation Cards

At the end of the course, you will receive a FREE 30-card deck of JMB Living affirmations.