JMB Living seasonal journal
Mindful journaling
a woman mindfully habit tracking
habit tracking journal
JMB Living seasonal journal
Mindful journaling
a woman mindfully habit tracking
habit tracking journal

Previous Issues JMB Living Journal




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Limited copies of older versions of the journal are available. These  JMB Living Journals have seasonal content you can use alongside your current journal and all you have to do is re-date them to your preference! 

Please note that these older issues do not include the  bonus items that are sent with the current journals.

This 3-Month seasonally crafted Journal / Planner / Magazine / Life Coach has been thoughtfully designed to gently guide you in a healthy & balanced way toward practicing a more authentic & intentional life.

95% of journal users surveyed say they notice more beauty, feel more joy and are more positive as a a result of using the journal.


Daily Guidance for
Leading an Intentional Life

When you realize nothing is lacking, 
the whole world belongs to you


Find peace within by living in harmony with the seasons.

Who is the JMB Living Journal For?

Hardworking Mom

Use the journal to help you cultivate more moments of peaceful calm, as well as curiosity in the home.

Focused Professional

Find balance, carve out small moments to further your personal growth daily and learn to manage the stress of your busy life.

The Entrepreneur

Remember that YOU are as important as what you are creating. Dive deeper into self-knowledge and encourage balance in your life.

Healthy Living Enthusiastic

Track your habits and use the positivity and self care prompts to help you stick to your personal choices for overall well-being

Each morning we are born again.
 What we do today is what matters most. 

Inside The Journal

More Than Just A Journal

The JMB Living Journal is filled with pages devoted to sharing information, ideas, stories, poems, DIYs and more from other women across the globe working on their mindfulness journey just like you.

Unique Stories


Mindfulness Exercises

Vision Boarding

Reflective Prompts

Inspiring Quotes

JMB Living

A place to share the insights of amazing women like you
& to offer ideas and inspiration to help you strengthen your health,
live simply while feeling luxurious, and create your ideal life
through joyful, mindful, balanced living.

Practicing Mindfulness Has Been Proven To


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Members of the Kula have

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