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Future Scripting

Future Scripting is a great tool if you struggle with:

  • Going after things you've always wanted
  • Taking time to find your dreams and desires for your future
  • Having direction for your life that motivates your day-to-day life

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Trains your brain to create a mindset shift

When you practice future scripting, your brain experiences a mindset shift that helps it actively seek to recognize opportunities and align daily actions with dream steps.

Provides daily empowerment & motivation

When you have a clear and detailed vision of your future, you will be more motivated and have increased resilience as you recognize how each day and action is bringing you closer to your ideal future.

What is it?

Future Scripting is a technique for identifying and pursuing the ideal life you'd most like to create.

It's a great exercise for finding purpose and fulfillment in life while gaining some insight and introspection along the way.

Why try future scripting?

Having a clear idea of what you want your future to be puts you want step closer to living it.

Future scripting is an easy and realistic technique to refresh your dream path while accessing your deepest desires to instill each day with progress closer to your dream reality.

What do I need?

Anything you can write with—a piece of paper, a special notebook, your JMB Living Journal or even a computer!

Create a special writing space for you to fill with the script of your ideal future, infused with intention and belief!