Kickstarter VIP & Self-Love Summit Attendee

Kickstarter VIP & Self-Love Summit Attendee
Kickstarter VIP & Self-Love Summit Attendee

What You Get as a Kickstarter VIP (other than an awesome journal):

Early Access

-Be the first to know when the launch goes live

You'll have your pick of the
benefits and discounts you want
before they sell out!

Self-Love Summit

A collection of exclusive content from self-love coaches, wellness experts, holistic professionals and more at your fingertips. 

Learn about a variety of avenues to elevate your self-love journey—over a $100 value that you get for FREE as a VIP.

Best Deals

-Extra and exclusive benefits leading up to our launch on Kickstarter

-Free shipping in the US

Secret Sneak-Peeks

Be the first and only ones to see the cover and title of the
Self-Love Journal before it's released on social media!

-Sneak peaks of inside pages and more details about the journal leading up to the launch

What You Want to Know

What is a Kickstarter?

We are launching our Self-Love Journal on Kickstarter to help it reach as many people as possible! Crowdfunding is a great way to let you be a part of a new product launch. It's a fun way to let people that are interested in find out about the journal learn more in the lead up to it's release. It's also a way of offering so much more than a normal product launch–all that will benefit YOU!

Kickstarter VIPs are for next-level "backers"—people supporting and excited about getting the product! Being a VIP will enhance your experience leading up to the launch, in addition to all of the great things you'll have access to during and after the launch!

What is the
Self-Love Summit? 

The creator of the Self-Love Journal and founder of JMB Living, Julie Barlow, will be interviewing and connecting with people who know the value of self-love and have great insights on how to cultivate it in different ways.

The summit will be a collection of these interviews and value from each professional to connect you with tons of resources and lifestyle practices to help you on your self-love journey! This summit is exclusively available to our Kickstarter VIPs.

Guests and their offerings will be announced leading up to the summit, so sign-up and stay tuned!