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A Journal Unlike Any Other.

This journal is for you if:

Your Inner Critic Keeps You From Experiencing Life

How to slow down

So often, our inner critic and insecurities aren't actually our own beliefs.

They are told to us by others and society, and we believe them because we don't have the power to know they're not true when we hear it.

This journal includes curated activities, themes and journal prompts to help separate your beliefs from outside noise that shouldn't matter as you journey to live freely with love.

You've Lost Touch
With Yourself

It may seem impossible to prioritize yourself while still fulfilling obligations and giving to others, but it's easier than it seems.

Any amount of time journaling is a great way to cultivate your relationship with yourself, but this journal takes it one step further to help you reflect with intention to create impactful insight, heal and grow.

You're Just Surviving
Instead of Thriving

find joy daily

Use this journal to fine-tune your routines and habits to be fully supportive of self-love and taking care of yourself.

Shift daily life from a place of to-do's and responsibilities to progress and fulfillment.

Self-Care Isn't
Enough Anymore

achieve your dreams

Self-care is part of self-love, so when we focus on creating self-love first, acts of self-care become infused with love and intention to create greater impacts on our physical, emotional and mental wellness.

This sounds great, but how can just a journal do all this?

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The first of its kind and adapted to include feedback from actual users over the past two years, this journal is for everyone to use to begin an intimate Journal Journey that ends in radical love and acceptance of who you truly are!

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Why Kickstarter?

Hi, Julie here!

I started selling JMB Living Journals in the first year of COVID-19, which is a very difficult time for any business to thrive, let alone a brand new one. I'm so grateful for the community I've been able to cultivate and connect through JMB Living Journals, but it's time to grow!

Julie Barlow JMB Living Founder

We are about to sail through our two-year milestone with our new product, and Kickstarter is a great crowdfunding platform that can connect this new release with an entirely new group of women that might need it that haven't learned about it yet! If you love your JMB Living Journal, are excited to purchase a new one or know someone that would benefit from it, Kickstarter is all about SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

JMB Living's goal is to get as many backers in the first day as possible so that Kickstarter will boost us in their algorithm and share the new JMB Living Journal with an even wider audience, helping our small business grow into something more sustainable and, also, welcoming other women onto their own Journal Journeys!  Sometimes we just need that little extra outside help, and that's what Kickstarter is for us!

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