Become the best you, 
one day at a time

Our lives are composed of habits and routines.
Are your habits supporting the life you desire? 

Track Health, Mood, Sleep, Energy & More

We changed our habit trackers into wellness trackers for a holistic approach that is more supportive of all lifestyles and growth.

Tracking your sleep can help reveal other patterns, such as how your nutrition, social life and work impacts your sleep. It's all up to you what you track and for how long!

it takes 30 days!

Habits take at least 30 days to stick. Give yourself some grace! It's okay if a habit you're working on rolls over into next month's habit tracker or even into several–you are still making progress!

Good things take time, and you're less likely to stick to something if it feels like an obligation instead of something you want to do for yourself. 

Use How You Please

You can use this wellness tracker many different ways. Download onto a device and fill it out, erase it after thirty days and start over!

Or, print it out and keep it somewhere that will remind you to update it daily! When you're ready to move on to another month of tracking, you can just print it out again!

Make Changes to Make Change

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