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Mastering Affirmations Workshop

Do you know how to use affirmations to truly create change in your life?

Event Details

  • When: TBD
  • Where: Zoom! Just enter your email in a sign-up form on this page and you will be sent a link and calendar invite to the event.
  • What:
         -An introduction to the what affirmations are, why they're useful, and the different types of affirmations
         -The neuroscience behind why affirmations work
         -The Dos and Don'ts of writing affirmations that are successful

Learn the Secrets & Understand the Techniques to Write Your Own Affirmations that Truly Work

Learn the successful affirmation creation formula

Write different affirmations for different situations

How to use affirmations to bring your intentions to life

Get to know your host:

Julie learned and lived what happens when you commit yourself to learning and understanding how to use affirmations. By understanding the way the brain works and applying cognition to her affirmation practice, Julie mastered the use of this great tool to create more ease in each day and more joy throughout her life. Julie's journey with affirmations is so much more than an "I am" statement to help her get through the day: she used them to create her ideal life— from leaving her corporate career as a tax director to living her dream of being fulfilled by a job that spreads love and inspires joy for herself and others.

With a background as a life coach, yoga teacher, and creator of various mindfulness courses and workshops, Julie created the JMB Living Journal to give women a daily guide that encourages them to prioritize themselves with self-care, find joy every day, be more present and support them on their growth journey with insights from intentional journaling.

You can learn more about Julie and the JMB Living Journal here.

Julie Barlow of JMB Living